auburn_jedi (auburn_jedi) wrote,


well here I am again with some good news my dad now has a job they called him today to let him know...I love other news my vacations comes to an end today as I head back to work at 6 am in the morning I should be in hardware for a couple of weeks then off to delivery or so I have been the current time we have severe storms again this week thing is this just happened a week ago today with possible tornados once more the sirens have went off here i think at least twice but It looks like it may just pass right over us they even let kids out of school early today because of it and I don't recall ever seeing that happen before in my life I do know it's usually around this time that the storm season here swings into full effect so it's not a big suprise just odd that it's a week agao today we went through the same thing I had heard that 8 people had been killed up around nashville because of the storms I think it's gonna be a rough storm season this year...
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