auburn_jedi (auburn_jedi) wrote,

first entry

so this is my first journal entry i can't say that this will be updated alot or anything like that however seeing as I have some free time on my hands at the moment I thought I'd write down some things here lately I have been depressed I am not real sure why it's just I feel so down I did however just get back from a out of town vacation where I spent a few days with my best friend up in Ohio I had alot of fun there some great memories although never again will I take a bus to go anywhere I mean yeah it might be a little cheaper in some cases but I felt really cramped on the bus and it seems to take forever to get anywhere plus bus stations are not in a good part of town for the most part people walking around asking for money in one case i even smelled beer on the guy it was really disgusting now that I am back I just seem to mope around a little like I said not sure why I just haven't been in a good mood in a very long time and it shows my parnets always asking "why are you so ill" my dad is unemployed at the moment and while he has more free time when he isn't out hunting for a job the guy is driveing me insane he has been getting on my nerves alot can't wait for him to find another job and get things back the way they used to be...
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